Monday, June 16, 2008

moab treasures

On the day we left for our Moab adventure, I got
a check from MCU for 28.00. Lindsay challenged me to
see how far I could stretch it on our trip. So here are the fruits of
my 28.00 treasure hunt! Oh, right out of the chute, I spent
1.00 on a chocolate dipped strawberry at Thanksgiving Point.
It was yummy as well as very pretty!
Next, a little bottle of lotion, price tag, 2.50.
I read somewhere that the smell of pumpkin pie is the way to a
man's heart. Chuck's reaction: "It's not bad".
OK, this isn't so wonderful. Just me and Karma going 'round.
I had a few minutes to sniff around the Saturday Market as it was just setting up
A nice lady was setting out her stuff and was really nervous. It was her first time.
She asked me where to set her candy jar so that it would entice shoppers. We chatted and
I looked over her wares, mostly home made beads. I picked this one up, asked the price
and she lit up. 2.00! What could I do? I was her first paying customer.
This is my big ticket item! I thought about it alot.
Each little magnet cost 2.50 for a grand total of 12.50!
I am bonding with my new midwifery business name and colors
and think these will look sweet on my office magnet board.
Three buttons from a little yarn store that was off the main path.
I was drawn in thinking it would be like The Friday Night Knitting Club.
It was a great little store. I think I love felting. There was a small wall
hanging there I wanted, too.
I was hoping one of these buttons would work to fasten the wool
instrument bag Lindsay sewed up for me.
The one on the left, made from an antelope antler
was the winner! Price tag: 5.00.

This little woven coaster will go on my white library
table in my bedroom. Once in awhile I take some tasty tea up there.
The colors are perfect and it claims to be made by Zapotec Indians.
A mini notebook with some funky petroglyphs.
The red suckered me in as well as the mini price, 1.00!
Presley will probably make good use of it when she rummages through my purse.
So there it is, Sinny! You should see the list of things I didn't buy! Like the Native American music featuring my fave, Rita Coolidge. I've worn out my Walela CD.
Too much money for this hunt.
I think this would be a fun game for the women to
play sometime. While the guys are out 4-wheeling, we could be hunting in town.
What do you say?