Saturday, July 30, 2011

she sees me

I like my little office. No, I love my little office. I hope people feel good in there. It's always nice when someone notices a little something that I haven't for awhile. It's even better when the stacks of files and papers don't deter from the comfort and love I try to keep stocked up on.
Last week a guy mentioned that he liked the smell of the place. Nice first words to share with me.
My favorite part of the room is the light, the way it makes me feel. There is always something lit. The string of round bulbs high on top of the bookcase or the small lamp shaded with orange paper on my desk keep the glow going. When I am serious about getting work done, step one is to light a pretty candle. As the sun sets, that pink red orange light coming in my window through my stained glass stars can take my breath away.
Sometimes I enjoy silence there but usually XM Coffeehouse or a Pandora station is coming thru the Bose. For truly, deeply grounding my head and heart, I put the blue headphones on to listen to my favorite playlists.
Last week Lindsay spent some serious time in my office while I was out. She captured so many things that I love but usually overlook. With her Nikon and some nice lenses, she got it all. Powdery remains of incense on the table, a profile of my headphones over the chair, clues that a midwife lives there, glimpses into my soul. When I saw the pictures I was blown away. I felt something authentic as seen through my daughter's eyes. Maybe she will share them sometime. For now, here are some peeks.

Uncle Neil

What triggers a flash back to another time anyway? Tonight it's all about my long life with Neil Young. I'm 15 and hearing "Birds" for the first time. I studied the "After the Gold Rush" album cover (Does anyone miss album covers like I do?) and memorized every song.

Then "Harvest". Loved it . . .

Growing babies and raising them took me away from my music loves for awhile. After "Harvest Moon" came out in the 90's, I found my way back. Is there anything as powerful as "Such a Woman"?

Amy, I wish you would come over since you are in some of my best Neil moments. Remember the real cinnamon girl in Oregon? How about our private showing of his "Prairie Wind" movie in TC? Or the time you made me drive home from The Gorge on a long rainy night after a CSN&Y show. I got over it.

At a very important time, Natalie and I went to a CSN&Y concert right here at Usana. Me and Nat and "Teach Your Children".

and know they love you. . .

Once, a long time ago at a birth I assisted at, the laboring mom and her man sat at the piano and played this song.

Monday, July 25, 2011

I got love for you. . .

I stole this pic from Holly. Had to have it. This was a night when happy shined on us in a big way. I think of Briana and what she meant to each of us and I am happy about our night at Red Butte. I am happy that we experienced deep love and affirmation. Liz. I would not know you if not for her. Kaelee. I would not have experienced the mountain, her red boots on the snowmobile, your Mike and the light of Hazel. Candice. Oh, my Candice. Right this very minute you are in Seattle radiating birth light lit from her candle. Peace to Tess and the baby that is coming. Charlie. She helped me hear your heartbeat the very first time. Natalie. The very last thing she said in the very last phone message: "How is Natalie?" Pretzel. You share the night sky with me. You remember she had a Jupiter too. You wonder if they are together now. I think so. I think she is with all of us. She shares our happy and it is good.

Friday, July 22, 2011

one more **

One of the best surprises of the summer, The Indigo Girls played at the Layton City Park this week. We were curious and had no expectations of anything great. By the end of the night, the vote was in. This one was for the best ever memory book. This song "We Get to Feel It All" and the other one, "Share the Moon", will be on a new CD coming out in October. I can't wait.
October. I knew that was my favorite month ever.

* *

Monday, July 11, 2011

Be Peace Now

3 more days 'til
Franti and Speeeeerhead!

Excitement is building here in SoJo house. Lindsay and boys are loading up tomorrow for the long drive South. Miss G is leaving before sun up. Kaelee , Mike and baby H just texted that they will be joining us. Nat and Pretzel have been rockin' to Sound of Sunshine. Candice, I can't wait to share some happy with you. Gonna miss you, Jade.