Tuesday, March 5, 2013

5 Gratefuls

It's been awhile since I paused to formally list my 5 Gratefuls. It's 4 in the morning, only had 1 Diet Coke today and cannot sleep. Got some things on my mind that are preventing it from shutting down. So here I am, sorting, drifting, wishing, figuring, balancing, dreaming and giving thanks.

1. This cozy little office of mine. Only things I really love get to live here. Lovely mamas come in here to nurse their babies in peace and I curl up on this love seat when I'm wounded. Bellies get filled, hearts get healed. The light's just right, the smells soothe and my dreams are nicely stashed. The families that trust me as their midwife initially meet me here. People that I love come here to talk to me about the deep stuff. Guess that all adds up to sacred space.
2.  My unconventional ways. I see things differently, I measure with a different scale, I sing my own song. I don't fit in a box and certainly not a cage. I like me. I like the other same sames from my tribe.
3.  MCU Conference week. To be surrounded by my midwife sisters, others that "get it" is a powerful, cup filling thing.
4.  Pandora Radio.
5.  Li'l Red and M Street house. That's all I need.

"Let it Be" just came on Pandora. Perfect. Maybe sleep will let me in now.