Monday, September 5, 2016

September, I'll remember

There are 2 starts to each year. New Years Day of course and Back-to-school. I love the fresh start that autumn brings, a return to wearing socks and falling into a routine.
Earth House tribe continues to swell. I know these days of noise and young energy will pass, so today I am grateful for What Is. Carson started a new school.  He now attends Copper Canyon with his cousins. That means school bus adventures. 
Dear World,
Be kind to this boy.
Tomorrow Presley starts orchestra, picks up ballet and will most likely grow another inch!
Kody starts his new job. 6:30AM!
Sage starts preschool! 
I give thanks for all of it. I deeply love the people I live with and the cooperative spirit that provides our drum beat. Marching into September with hope and happiness. And new socks!