Wednesday, March 5, 2008

For Lovely Lindsay

I can't believe I am doing this. Today was a great day of teaching MCU students and I'm feeling pretty good about myself. I may delete when I come to my senses. So. . . 5 things I like about myself. It's not so easy when your an ol' lady!
1. I like my hair. I can do about anything I want with it, wavy or straight. It's thick but not too unruly.
2. My eyelashes. They used to be thicker and longer, I'm pretty sure anyway, but a little mascara and we're good.
3. My strong hands. They look like my dad's hands, a bit on the stubby side but I think my soul manifests through my hands.
4. My pancreas. I made it really sick and I'm sorry about that. It's still sputtering and so I'm taking this opportunity to publicly say "I appreciate your patience and beg you to stay."
5. I really like my Mission Playground sweatshirt. It says "Patience Achieves More Than Force". Nice little mantra. Thanks Linny Baby for the nudge to look for the good part. I didn't expect this to quite so emotional.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

breathe in peace

The legislative session is drawing to a close. Here in Utah, the midwives have been attacked again. I just want peace and the right to care for mamas and their families in the place and way of their choosing. When the AMA declares war (We'll squash you like bugs!") it's not clear what I should do. This battle leaves us weary and divided. As we try to stand back up, we realize the importance of unity in our small homebirth community. We'll never change the opinion of the AMA and that's not our intent. Difference is what makes this world keep on turning. I guess I just wish for tolerance and for everyone to be respectful. Michael Franti's words soothe me. On war - "One man got a jet fighter, one man got a song, nobody right, nobody wrong" This clip is not the best quality. I wish I could invite you all over to see the DVD I just got. In the meantime, hope this little piece of wisdom will bring some peace and healing.