Monday, October 31, 2011

dia uno y dia dos

Sunday was quiet.
Integrating.  No one here speaks English. Nada.  I've been busy trying to learn French so I have to dig deeper than usual for my weak Spanish. That's a lot of digging for my brain.  About an hour after Obdulio, the caretaker of this place left, I thought of a whole Spanish conversation we could have had. I got my French and Spanish days of the week mixed up. Couldn't remember Thursday in either language and that's the day I want his wife, Flor, to cook.
It rains several times a day.  The temp averages 80 something.  That = humidity which = my hair is in natural ringlets. I love it! If it were shorter I could be Carole King for Halloween.
Today is quiet, too.  I've been reading Judy Collin's autobiography and sleeping. Although I just want the details about her and Stephen Stills, the rich history of folk music and the blend that became folk rock is interesting.
Went out in a little canoe to see if the swimming was better out past the turtle grass.  The boat was a little tippy, not too bad. Unfortunately I kept having flashbacks from "Old Man and the Sea". Even tho I had not one shiny bauble or bangle to attract predators, I kept thinking Jaws himself was gonna pop up. What has happened to my mermaid spirit?
Tomorrow is Dia de los Muertos. I think I've found a good place to celebrate. There are natural waterparks here.  Not what we think of, the man made water parks with slides and stuff but natural.  Think small rafts in meandering rivers and Tarzan ropes. Anyway, there's one in Xcalak that has a big buffet, does face painting and provides torches for night parading.  I have my hopes up and my Frida T-shirt ready.
Buenos tardes.  Ti amo. ##

the sea

Wouldn't it be cool to see the Southern Cross?
On the sea and under the sky. . .

Saturday, October 29, 2011

safe and sound

OK.  I did a good job.  I really did.  Unfortunately I forgot the Flip camera so probably won't have pictures for awhile. Soliman Bay faces the Caribbean.  The water is pretty much lukewarm.  This is an area of eco beaches. That means they are pristine but natural.  There is turtle grass growing in the water near the shore.  Kinda like tall sea weed.  It is left to encourage sea turtles to nest here.  I think that is cool but am a little squeamish about playing in it.  So I can either get brave and wade past it to where the water is clear or hop in a little canoe and float out past it.  Please, no one tell Presley that I may go out deeper than my knees.  She has some residual shark fear after watching Soul Surfer.  The only caution I have read is to take off flashy jewelry before getting in the water.  Barracudas think it is lunch.  Uh oh.  Should have left the diamonds home.
It's possible to see dolphins when snorkeling a ways out.  That would be a very good sign. .Also, on the wall I saw a ceramic mermaid and a ceramic merman.  I took that as a good sign too. I took their picture.
Now for some sleep.  I am trying to decide if it's safe to sleep on this private beach. Waking to sunrise would be amazing.
We have internet but no cell service. I'll blog each day.
Peace and so much love.   << >>

gonna soak up the sun

. . .and some peace and some clarity and some healing as this crazy 2011 starts to wind itself down.
we'll be landing in about an hour. the drive from cancun to soliman bay is south, a little over 60 miles.  i have no idea what to expect.  since i picked the spot, found the casita and said NO to the all-inclusive tourist thing, there's always a little nail biting.  in my quest for the perfect beach, a place where dolphins and mermaids alike can swim with joy and abandon, i take some risks.  someday i'll know where my favorite place is.
"someday we will soar, wingtip to wingtip"

Friday, October 21, 2011


load the car and write the note
grab your bag and grab your coat
tell the ones that need to know
we are headin' North. . .
                    avett bros

midwife life

Midwives College of Utah

midwives of
technical expertise
professional excellence
personal greatness

October 6, 2011
Graduation Banquet

2011 Midwifing Midwives Award

Vanessa, Rachel, Cathy, Liz, Candice, Brent

Friends of MCU 
awarded to the Blackwelder family

boys and girls ago

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I see my light come shinin' . . .

 Hold on.

I saw a glimpse of light.
End of the tunnel?

Good things coming. . .

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

for rachel

i hope you breathe new york in so deep
i hope you make it to iron and wine
i hope you find some cozy little ethnic cafe
i hope you find the perfect linen apron
i hope your feet get just tired enough from running the streets
i hope someone offers you a seat on the subway
i hope you get some curling up time
i hope you see her and it makes you smile
i hope you get lost and then find something better
i hope you come home with stories to tell
yes, bring some nyc love home

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

how to write a speech

Step #1 - Setting up

 Get out the tea blend I bought at the funny, way hidden natural food store 
that I found with Steen on a sunny afternoon.

Use the cast iron teapot I found in Santa Fe
for events such as this

It's now if ever.  The little bag of pure cocoa nibs I bought in Mt. Shasta 
one day in April with Bri needs to come out today.

Perfect steamy for me.

Begin now to untuck all of the magic moments.
Ready, set . . .