Saturday, July 31, 2010

no glitz, no glam

There is no one "right" way to do vacation. I know that. Since I was in charge of the recent trip to The Caribe I chose my right way. Right this time anyway. That meant as far from the resorts, chain hotels and cruise ship ports as possible.

My first trip journal entry: "I have no expectations. My cup is empty".

It took 2 travel days to get to Sago Cottage on the mountain top, yes the tip top of St. John V.I. above Coral Bay. On the first day there I wondered if I might have swung a little too far away from life's comforts.

I loved this experience. Really. I feel like I experienced life here with every one of my senses. I had good conversation with local folks, saw their home through their eyes. Always my favorite part. Westin Resort, you can have your private, groomed (yes, they rake the sand) beach with your 50 lined up white beach chairs where every guest has a matching blue and white striped towel. I will keep my outdoor shower, lizard on the window sill, hilltop perch any day.

Thank you Janeen Anderson for your part. I shared my vision with her. She got it. I picked the place. She made the connections and did so many little extras that enhanced this experience. I would not have known about the island of Tortola. What a spectacular addition! I seriously cried when it was time to leave the ocean there.

Wheels are already turning. How can I spend 4 weeks there next year? Somehow I will. I've picked the villa where I want to stay and have some ideas for streamlining the travel part. I know better what to pack and what to leave. (Leave the socks! Can you believe we packed socks!) I'll prepare a little earlier too. I was buying clothes for myself at the SLC airport. Thank you nice lady that found just what I needed, in a hurry!

Sooo. . . you've been asking for pictures. I promised myself NOT to post any sunsets, ocean or palm tree pics. With 3 cameras there's a lot to choose from. Here's what I loved, mostly shot spontaneously with the iPhone camera!

The smoothie stands, stuck in the middle of anywhere. Notice the addition of cashews!
Also note the electricity source - her car battery!

Donkeys, chickens, goats, pigs AND their offspring roamed, wild, free and happy.

Your local Sunmart, Maverick, 7-11 and Circle K all in one here.

My biggest concern became the thing I loved most!

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Friday, July 30, 2010

breathe in

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mr. Moonlight

You came to me one summer night, and from your beam you made my dream,

And from the world you sent my girl, and from above you sent us love

And now she is mine, I think you`re fine,
'cause we love you, Mr.Moonlight

Mr.Moonlight, come again please
Here I am on my knees, begging if you please

And the nights you don't come my way, I'll pray and pray more each day
'cause we love you, Mr.Moonlight...

The Beatles ~

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


vacation day 1
leaving SLC

vacation day 6
apres swim look, Tortola

vacation day 12
coming home, St. Thomas

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Peace Y'all

Greetings from St. John, V.I.
I am doing my best to earn my mermaid flipper.
More when I have the opportunity.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

wings to fly