Monday, March 29, 2010

The Now

I loved every comment on Old Days and Now Days. Each one made me smile and reflect on my own old days and now days a little differently. I guess we do our best with whatever we have, live intentionally and press forward with hope that we are doing it right. As Jodie says:

In the now moments we are so unaware of the the threads of experience that wrap themselves around us thread by thread by thread. Until one day, we realize that we have become something entirely new, without even knowing it.

As long as I can gaze at the eternal sky and see every sunrise, every sunset, every evening and morning star, every moon and planet rising with wonderment and gratefulness as if it were the very first time, I know that all is well with my soul.

Thank you my friends.
Watch your mailboxes!


Thursday, March 11, 2010


My life is made rich by the "old days" and the "now days". I embrace them both as they swirl, blend and intertwine. They cannot be separated. What came first, what comes now will all be a part of who I am future. Some things I have control over, most I do not. I can make clear my intention and point myself towards the light path and then I trust.
So here's the contest blog readers. Listen to Simple Man in my previous posts, Old Days and Now Days. Leave your comment on this post. You can simply vote on your favorite or you can share commentary on the value of old and now in your life. A sentence will do and an essay is not too much.
Every comment will receive something from me "snail mail". One will be selected for a grand prize. Something from my old days and something from my now days. I can guarantee it will be a cool little package!

(Note to Amy D: The "uncles" were young once. Do you love how David comes in at the end of Graham's song in that leather fringed up jacket?)

Two stars, one light

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

old days

now days

Monday, March 8, 2010

Midwife School

Bri taught "stretch and sweep" using tangerines,
and AROM using water balloons.

For the kinesthetic learner ~
No cervix right
No cervix wrong

Last week was MCU Conference and Skills Lab week. I have come to look forward to this so much. Student midwives gather from all over to study, learn, practice, comfort and support each other. MCU has found its rhythm and there is a feeling of continuity. It feels like a big reunion week as students, old friends now, return.
We taught Labor and Birth Lab this time. We started our class just hours after a night birth preceded by a week of exhausting, intense midwifing. It was very clear that our well planned outline was far inferior to our teaching from the trenches, sharing what we had been through - the core of Labor and Birth.
Towards the end of our second day, we felt prompted to share a case that was heavy in our hearts. Every skill mentioned in the PSGM that we teach from had been used as we followed practice guidelines in caring for a mother and her newborn. It was book work come to life. It was a hard story to tell as the outcome was still hanging. As we finished, there was a silent space in the room and a strong spirit of women circling - our students to hold us up. One student spoke up. She expressed appreciation for trusting them to receive this story, for showing up to teach in spite of all we had endured and hope that we would be able to facilitate healing in this mother/baby dyad. I couldn't speak. As my tears fell, I noticed Briana's. She quietly extended her hand and I gratefully held it as our students paused with us. No one had to speak the words that we all plainly understood.
Ours is a sacred responsibility and we have committed to a calling that few understand. There is so much hurt and lack of respect in the world of birthing. There are families that depend on us to return light to their lives.

Joanna was the last student to leave for home. Home to Saskatchewan. I drove her to the airport early this morning. Jack and Lukey have their mama back by now. Mark has his wife. Thanks guys for sharing her with us and to all of the other families that sustain these wise women.
See you in June!

Living in color

Some items that are bringing happy to my world today.
I would lose my mind in the black and white tribe.

check out the four colorful corners
not sure where this is going
probably the little table in the little retro kitchen

gift from the kids on birthday #50
finally found a home in my little cove
i raised good, colorful babies

anthro find
planning something crazy to do with these on


Sometimes you gotta get outta your head

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pretzel morning

How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?

Hold to your children. Let them know.

I looked to the children, I drank from the fountain

peace sign jammies
waking in the yellow bedroom
"the morning came!"
no jammies, please
scrambled eggs, toast, no butter please
beeswax house with a bird on it
us in the rocking chair with a blankie
reading on grammy's bed
playing blowkus her way
dance dance dance to indigo girls
loving majestic
bubble bath with a big green balloon
starbucks with 'papa

Oh yes, my baby, I'll walk in the rain by your side.
I'll love you more than anybody can.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Light workers

When women thrive, all of society benefits,
and succeeding generations are given
a better start in life.
~ kofi annan