Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just arrived

For my little people library
These are all good books.
I am especially happy with
Listen to the Wind

For me
I've always wanted my own copy of Mamatoto.
I love it even more now, than when I first saw it 15 years ago.
Stones Into Schools
I can't wait to read this continuing story of
Greg Mortenson's efforts to
promote PEACE through education.
Three Cups of Tea
changed me, shifted something in a big way.

"Get out, don't be afraid and spread your message for peace.
Make this your finest hour."

cute boys





Sunday, November 14, 2010

5 weeks

I have a lot to say, I really do.
Five weeks away is more than a vacation. It's more than a visit. It's living somewhere else. It's another home.
The tools I have to capture experiences, language, words, just aren't enough this time. I have a long drive ahead today. Maybe the swirling streams of love that have so heavily imprinted my heart will sort themselves into something I can record.
I will try to tell what streaming morning sun on a newborn babe and mother feels like. I will try to share the joyful relief of a baby's first cry after waiting and waiting and waiting. I will try to desribe the mmmmm... smell of fresh oat scones baked by a new father. I will try to find words for the feelings that flood through me as I place my hands on my daughter's full belly, cradle my grandson's emerging head, wrap my arms around his hours old body and drift off to heaven asleep in their bed.
I will try.

Driving south today

Monday, November 8, 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stranger Friend Family

I challenged my grandson Gabriel:
If he would read this book, I would hike Badger Mountain with him.
Two days later, he called me. Book finished.
He even answered my bonus question.
What is meant by "three cups of tea" ?
He stood and paused.
"One cup of tea, we are strangers.
Two cups of tea, we are friends.
Three cups of tea, we are family"

Looks like we have a mountain to climb.
You rock, Gabriel!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Say hey!

"The say hey kid's comin' back to see
Everybody in the Bay goin' Cra-A-Zee!"
Don't put away your orange and black quite yet!
Rock on Giants!