Monday, September 19, 2011

"it's OK to have scars.
they will make you who you are.
You pulled me out of the dark and now it's light.
. . .just come on home"

Friday, September 9, 2011

september, i love you

My feet aren't quite ready for socks and shoes.
It's not quite chilly enough in the morning for hot mugs of tea.
It will be here soon though, the fall season that I love.
It will deliver 7 babies into my hands.
Today I will repack birth supplies, get birth kits ready, inventory and order.
I feel a little road trip waiting for a small window of freedom.
Maybe a quick flight to Spokane or Seattle, too.
Got a big trip planned to the Yucatan to celebrate The Day of The Dead.
(yeah, she deserves to be celebrated in a big way)
Full Moon Love happens on Monday.
Commune With the Moon hike up Timp on Tuesday.
A week later Fall will officially arrive.
Got new socks and Get Happy Tea.
I'll be ready.

birthday hangover

i feel like writing a big ol' essay on turning 55 and what it feels like to know you are more about reflecting backwards than projecting forward. instead, i'll just simmer a bit longer in "now' because it feels really good.
i'm not ready for my birthday to be over. from early morning when it began with the first loving email shortly after midnight, to the last love note, my day was bliss full. i'm brimming with gratitude for every little birthday zing.




grow happy







Tuesday, September 6, 2011