Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Good and Grateful Day

1. I am grateful for Kody. Thanks for silently, thoughtfully showing up. You take out the trash, pick up groceries, clean up, lock up, share funny stories from out of nowhere. You love my daughter, you love your son, you keep smiling, you work so hard. You know what matters. You wear these fabulous boots sometimes. How did I not notice them before? Give thanks my friends for men that are strong enough to be gentle.

2. I am grateful for the universal joy of "licking the bowl". Pretzel spent a really long time and did a really thorough job. Oh, and those mini braids, love them.

3. I am grateful for 6 years olds. Welcome to 6 my handsome little nephew,
Cameron Daniel Dunn
who still calls me Fifi

4. I am grateful for these new and pretty teas. They make January bearable.

5. I am grateful for this happy start to my day! The brown truck stopped with a box for me. I just ordered these from The Hesperian Foundation on Monday! I am preparing to go to the ends of the earth because I love. I am so grateful for the love in my heart. I am so grateful, even when it hurts. There is so much hurting.
Lord make me an instrument
of thy peace.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Looking forward

Tracy is definitely on my concert bucket list, right alongside Paul McCartney. How is it I have lived so long and never seen them??
Who is on your list?