Tuesday, February 23, 2010

three eleven

Sunday, February 21, 2010

405 Lombardy Lane

Funny how an object can make you really homesick. Or something.
This bowl of lemons was on Briana's kitchen table last Friday.
They were from her mom in southern California.
I had to have one.
They reminded me of the lemon tree right outside the front door of my house in Lemoore.
A ripe, fresh picked lemon is nothing like what you buy in the store.
I cut it up and ate it with a little salt from the grinder on the left.
Just like I used to eat them on my patio.
I saved the seeds for Bri's bird, Jupiter. He hopped over and made a birdie mess of them.
We are slowly, warily, becoming friends. By the end of the visit, I wasn't screaming when he landed on my head. He reminds me of Pidgey, the bird terror of Lombardy Lane.



I think I'll go put on my desert boots and 501's, get some sunflower seeds and take a Sunday walk down blissful memory lane. Thanks for the lemon, Beth in CA.
Thanks for playing with me Jupe.

. . .holding my breath under water

Roxy Wonder Girl and Wednesday House

I am almost on top of the paper work game!
Thank you Roxy Wonder Girl.
This lovely blessing is a graduate of Parsons School of Design in NYC.
She comes over on Wednesdays and we teach each other stuff.

I taught her about Shazam!
Can you believe that? I taught someone a tech trick!!
She heard this song in a SLC cab (no car, she's green).
Native New Yorker by Odyssey
It made her laugh. I looove her happy.
I looove people that laugh and can make me laugh.

Jade's family is transitioning from their old apartment to a new space. On this Wednesday, she was baby-sitting at my house. Candice came over to help out. Love those boy cousins! They really are very sweet, loving boys, Carson Rej and JackiePaper.

Also on this Wednesday, a tired post partum mama came over with her newborn babe for some R&R. I loved having a yellow room to nurture her in. I don't take lightly this trust that birth heroes place in me. I am always the one most richly fed.

While I was upstairs, Pretzel woke up, whimpering and SICK!
I came downstairs to find this gentleness in my office.
Not finding Grammy, Pres had snuggled up in Roxy's capable warm hold.

Before we knew how full the house would be, Bri and I had planned on working on an outline for the upcoming Labor and Birth Lab at MCU. Always creative and flexible, Briana found a micro space on the kitchen counter to get it done. Midwife hands. Check hers out.

Sooo, if you aren't able to come over to Sunday House, Wednesday House is proving to be equally wonderful. I continue to experience the miracle of having my cup filled and the blessing of having beautiful souls to share the contents with.

Come sup with me.
It is amazing.
Every time.
Mmmmmmm. . .



Happy Birthday, mon belle bebe.
I loved your birth.
I love you.
This is a big year for you, your 25th on this planet.
I know you will do something amazing because that's the kind of girl that you are.
You have taught me to believe.
"Peace, be still"
It is in stillness that we receive the messages meant just for us.
Listen for yours, walk tall

Friday, February 12, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday House

I love my house, especially on Sunday afternoon. A tradition is being laid down.
The word is out. It's open house time, every Sunday.
This house loves being full.
The kitchen is the hub.
Last week it was white bean soup, spinach cashew salad and some killer banana dessert.
Yesterday it was SuperBowl whatever.
This is an official invitation to you.
Please come over on Sunday afternoon.
Stay late.

There can never be too many cooks in this kitchen.
I noticed these towels all found their way to the stove closet.
Fine art.
Yesterday's cooks: Me, Bri, Candice, Steen, Jade and Wingers

After game activity; throw some butter, sugar and eggs in the Kitchen-Aid, chill the dough, put Bri in charge of the frosting recipe and let the Blackwelder girls create with whatever was in the cupboard. I love the orange sprinkles! Yes, the piece de resistance!

The Girls of the SuperBowl
No one knew what teams were playing. Candice called her dad for enlightenment.
He informed and recommended The Saints. Good advice.
The fan base was evenly split.
The newly reorganized downstairs was a happy place.
The Who up loud for half-time, Kody's puzzle table and Carson doing tricks sans pants.

Next weekend ~
Natalie's birthday, Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year
You pick the flavor.
Just show up.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Fine Friday's Five Gratefuls

I love going to Kristin's house for prenatals. She lives close to Gateway
and that usually means a little break for me, time to browse around. I got sooo LUCKY today!
I found this beautiful book.
~ Thayu nyumba ~
Peace, my people.

I love this little snack stash I picked up at Whole Foods.
A black licorice candy bar,
some crackers that I bought simply for the sweet packaging
and these new IZZE esque drinks.
I had to give up my fave, the regular IZZEs
but these 15 carb bevs are pretty and tasty enough.

At long last, I own "the shirt of my dreams".
Thank you Shari and Matt for making it possible.
My girls were really getting tired of hearing me talk about it,
checking it out every time we went shopping
and calling them to see if I should get it or not.
Today I brought it home!
OK, I know this isn't SeaTown,
definitely not Pike's,
but if I closed my eyes and worked my imagination,
this guy was Marvin Gaye.
His "Let's Get It On" was really good.
I gave him a generous contribution,
we made eye contact, I waved, smiled and moved happily on.
Briana and I waited it out, finally went to Dancing Cranes on the day of the 40% off sale.
We got the batiks we'd had our eyes on. I love mine.
I was drawn to this one because of the babies
wrapped on their mama's backs and hips.

One light, one sun
One world turning
One dream, one song
One love, one heart
One hope, one joy

. . .'neath the cover of October skies
Hopefully, I'll be in this picture by October 2010.
I'm getting impatient.

Monday, February 1, 2010