Tuesday, January 15, 2013

twice as much love

I love this picture.  The first woman I ever loved meeting the most recent lady love in my life, Great-grandma and Baby Sage. My mom drove herself down the snowy canyon just for this moment with a fresh new babe. She's getting a new knee tomorrow and knew it would be a long while 'til she'd be down here again. 
I love you, Mom.  You're brave and strong and stubborn and funny and supportive of every crazy thing I do. You loved me good and taught me how to pay it forward. As I watch my girls with their babies, I am aware of the source of these powerful love ripples. We are truly from the  Tribe of Roots and Wings.  We are grounded.  We can soar. We listen.  We sing out. We can lead.  We can follow.  And oh, how hard we do love.  
I was thinking about my love legacy as the New Year came in.  My vision of 2013 is crisp and clear.  It's my year to BE in my own nest.  No far off trips, no big projects.  I want to sup with my women and grow stronger my wings. I want to lead gently and follow humbly, right here in my own village. I want to hold still. Receive, reflect and quietly serve. I won't be treading water, just living more slowly. Gather.  Fill.  Stand ready.  I will keep loving. With all of my heart, I will keep loving.  The world needs love and I have twice as much as most.
I am here for you, Mom, as you have always, always, unfaltering, been here for me.  I am here for you, Baby Sage, breathing peace into your soul. Grow happy. **