Wednesday, February 18, 2009

happiness runs

I'm not sure why I feel so happy today. I have a full blown sneezy, drippy cold, I'm way behind on commitments, there are dishes in the sink and I have 50 lbs. to lose before Hawaii (8 weeks)! It has to be one of the following three things:.  
My new salt crystal lamp
Chuck think it's ugly, Pretz thinks it's a rock.
I believe the label that was on it that said
it would release happiness ions into the air.

This extra sweet valentine
I had to go to the post office to pick this up.
The clerk lady loved it almost as much as I do!
It could be
Pretzel Pony tail Princess skirt.

Catching up

So much to be grateful for . . .
~the birth of Fern and Pearl,
believing we could make a difference
and now we are seeing the fruits~
~my baby was born as a mother,
mother to carson "reggie" sky~
~my baby was born again in baptismal waters~
~andrew, mason, samuel, jovan, phoenix~
~a vacation to the pacific ocean with pretz and her mama~
~santa fe, mmmm~
~"all i want is you"~
~steen and nat celebrating a place of their own~
~a pause to experience the inauguration
in a hotel room with the little larsons~
~a snowy saturday in downtown salt lake with sinny~
~leaving on a jet plane, feeling the sunset, picked up by amy in time to 
cradle the emerging head of 
gavin west stoyan~