Monday, September 7, 2009

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It's birthday week for me and Steen. We already treated ourselves to a little birthday appetizer, a whirlwind trip to New York City. We knew our time was limited. There was no time for sleep, no time for makeup, no time for eating (except on the run). And run we did - subway stairs, the streets of SoHo and the four flights up to our Central Park hostel. We took our rest on a ferry trip to Staten Island, planned for that reason - to rest. We planned on sleeping on the 5 hour flight home but it was not to be. The plane was full and we weren't seated together. We both had middle seats, not so good for sleeping. I did have the joy of seeing the full moon from the window. I'm sure the guy with the window seat found me annoying but I couldn't help it. I soared with the moon until it was no longer visible. Beyond amazing.

This postcard is compliments of Lindsay the Lovely. Steen and I weren't even on the homeward bound jet plane when she sent this iPhoto souvenir to us. Sweeet!

If our appetizer is any indication of what our birthday main course will be . . .whooaa, hold on. It's gonna rock! Thanks to my mama for giving me life and thanks to my baby Steen for coming to me.


auntgigi said...

Great adventure! How was hostel life? NYC rocks. oh... Happy Birthday!!!!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Cathy!!!! Hope you continue to have a great birthday week.

Steen said...

sometimes i think new york may have been a dream. but then i remember the new york hangover i had saturday morning and know it was real.

lovely lindsay said...

lucky you to get steen all to yourself.
she is the best to adventure with isn't she?
i miss you both.
happy birthday, mom! love, lin

diane said...

What a great birthday week! It sounds absolutely fan-freakin-tastic. =P

naturaljoy said...

I really miss that place