Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mr. Moonlight

You came to me one summer night, and from your beam you made my dream,

And from the world you sent my girl, and from above you sent us love

And now she is mine, I think you`re fine,
'cause we love you, Mr.Moonlight

Mr.Moonlight, come again please
Here I am on my knees, begging if you please

And the nights you don't come my way, I'll pray and pray more each day
'cause we love you, Mr.Moonlight...

The Beatles ~


Sycamore Girl said...

Your strange obsession with Mr. Moon makes me smile. I do have to say I have a deeper appreciation for him and his cycles since I've met you.

In fact, I've begun howling. Chris says its getting out of hand. :)

cathmom said...

I love you Holly, girl from my tribe!

diane said...

Was that a Virgin Islands moon?

cathmom said...

Yes, Diane. That moon was the guest of honor at a full moon party!