Saturday, July 30, 2011

Uncle Neil

What triggers a flash back to another time anyway? Tonight it's all about my long life with Neil Young. I'm 15 and hearing "Birds" for the first time. I studied the "After the Gold Rush" album cover (Does anyone miss album covers like I do?) and memorized every song.

Then "Harvest". Loved it . . .

Growing babies and raising them took me away from my music loves for awhile. After "Harvest Moon" came out in the 90's, I found my way back. Is there anything as powerful as "Such a Woman"?

Amy, I wish you would come over since you are in some of my best Neil moments. Remember the real cinnamon girl in Oregon? How about our private showing of his "Prairie Wind" movie in TC? Or the time you made me drive home from The Gorge on a long rainy night after a CSN&Y show. I got over it.

At a very important time, Natalie and I went to a CSN&Y concert right here at Usana. Me and Nat and "Teach Your Children".

and know they love you. . .

Once, a long time ago at a birth I assisted at, the laboring mom and her man sat at the piano and played this song.

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