Friday, September 9, 2011

september, i love you

My feet aren't quite ready for socks and shoes.
It's not quite chilly enough in the morning for hot mugs of tea.
It will be here soon though, the fall season that I love.
It will deliver 7 babies into my hands.
Today I will repack birth supplies, get birth kits ready, inventory and order.
I feel a little road trip waiting for a small window of freedom.
Maybe a quick flight to Spokane or Seattle, too.
Got a big trip planned to the Yucatan to celebrate The Day of The Dead.
(yeah, she deserves to be celebrated in a big way)
Full Moon Love happens on Monday.
Commune With the Moon hike up Timp on Tuesday.
A week later Fall will officially arrive.
Got new socks and Get Happy Tea.
I'll be ready.


Jade said...

i think fall is going to bring good things - love your silly socks too haha

Rachel Swan said...

Fall has already brought some good things my way. I'm ready to settle in for a bit and quiet things down.

I'm so excited to hear about your trip to Mexico. Mexico is my happiest, truest place and Day of the Dead is a very special holiday for me - I think it will hold even more meaning this year. Bri's altar is going to be sweet!

I'll be seeing you and the moon tomorrow, lady. XO

Hollywood said...

I'm beginning to love September. I've never really noticed it before.

I guess it gives license for "silly socks".

Kim said...

Spokane huh? I have a lovely antique bed with a chenille spread...just waiting for you...