Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Work

A recent edition of the MCU newsletter included the winning student essay in the "Why I am a Midwife" competition. Since it has been published, I feel safe in quoting the author, Christina Shaffer, here in blog world.
"It's about how, at 3 in the morning, you can crouch, tired, sweaty and hungry, with your legs asleep and your back aching, arms wet up to the shoulders from leaning to far into the birth pool, and not be concerned about any of it. Because as you crouch there, what matters is that your hands are helping to support the emerging head. You know that yours are the first hands EVER to touch this baby. And with your eyes wide and glowing, you get to be RIGHT THERE as the universe shifts to make room for this whole new person who's being born."
Midwifery is all about hands and heart. I appreciated this reminder today to keep both of those parts of myself pure and worthy for the task that is mine - to support women with all of my heart and guide their babies with gentle hands.


Mama's Place said...

You are the most caring gentle person I have ever known. I beleive that you walk hand and hand with God while you are performing this great service. Love you Cathy-O

Mr. Furious said...

those same hands and heart are also needed to guide the humans that aren't so NEW to the me! you've got your hands full!

mimi said...

you look really pretty in the picture i saw of you today. can't wait to see you in real life.
gentle hands, gentle heart is right - there have been so many times in my world where your calm and comfort have soothed me and helped me get through.
thank you for passing this trait on to lindsay, too. lucky to have you gals around

alexandra-jade said...

mom you never write to me.

Steen said...

your hands are the most peaceful.

Pres&Jes said...

im glad you love me- cat.
one of my best friends, you are; didnt you know?

mimi said...

me too, fifi