Thursday, February 14, 2008

Five Gratefuls

On days when you're feeling a little shaky, thinking "why me" thoughts and wondering if the sun's ever gonna shine again, try this. Make a list of 5 things you are grateful for on that very day. Amy taught me this simple therapy and it really has saved my day - many times. It's even cool on days that are smooth sailing. On this Happy Valentines Day, this is my list of 5 Gratefuls.
1. Pink frosted sugar cookies - a warm fuzzy memory from as far back in my memory as I can go. We made a list of our special friends and Mom personalized cookies for them.
2. Presley's teeny little red polished toenails.
3. An e-mail from my Valentine; we celebrate 33 married years together on this LOVE DAY, a package from Washington and cards from the home girls.
4. The family circling 'round to help Lindsay cope with a long week of severe hives.
5. Memories of a spontaneous trip to Seattle with Chuck a few weeks ago. It was filled with unexpected joys like an exquisite breakfast in front of a fireplace, new shoes, walking to Pike's in the rain with twin umbrellas, finding my favorite Mexican Chocolate candle, taking a snuggly nap in our room with the sun shining in, browse time in Elliot's bookstore and so much more.
I really don't want to stop at 5 but I'll save some for another day.
How 'bout sharing your 5 Gratefuls?


mimi said...

i love the 5 gratefuls - remember we used to send them every friday?
here are mine this february 14:
1. a valentine box of sweeties from the uTahn's.
2. brandi carlile music
3. that tomorrow is friday - we treat ourselves to starbucks on fridays.
4. i won (actually earned)a surprise wad of cash at work this week.
5. i gave reno a tape measure from of our marketing give-aways -he measures things in "cinammon rolls" instead of "centimeters"....they do sort of sound the same if you say them really fast.

Mama's Place said...

Here are my 5's
1. Beautiful sunsets that reminds me that tomorrow will be just as beautiful and full of promises.
2. Jack who puts up with all of my crazy mood swings.
3. Holidays that bring back so many good pink pancakes for breakfast.
4. I am grateful every day for a mom who cared about me, who taught me how to love by example.
5. For rain and watching for the rainbow to always reminds me of a new beginning.

naturaljoy said...

5 gratefuls-
1. A happy valentine's package that extended our valentine's day one more day with broken cookies that my kids loved.
2. One pair of maternity pants that still fit.
3. Kind doctors that are trying to help Lindsay.
4. A wonderful, spiritual, faithful husband.
5. Beautiful birth celebration that I get to participate in again in only about 6 weeks!

Pres&Jes said...

1:fat black dog
2:sun in the sky
3:roof over my head
4:my parents[still married(33yrs!)]
5:my room

BirthLady said...

My Five Gratefuls:
1. Give or take a few bumps and bruises throughout the years, a very healthy family.
2. Kids who like to hang out with me and think I'm fun.
3. A Husband that not only supports me going back to school, but makes it easier by doing the dishes, laundry and making me tea when I ask.
4. That even though the snow is SOOOO high Jake can stand on the snow and touch the roof, SPRING WILL COME.
5. That I have a second long distance family known as the Larsons.

lovely lindsay said...


naturaljoy said...
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Mr. Furious said...

red rice
5 PM, everyday

C&H Martineau said...

I'm so glad you have a blog. You are a tremendous writer- intuitive and wonderful like you. Thank you so much for everything!

Ok, my 5:
1. the power of my mind
2. passionate people
3. my amazing gentle husband
4. my healing body
5. sugar-free icecream

mimi said...

this post is one please