Wednesday, February 18, 2009

happiness runs

I'm not sure why I feel so happy today. I have a full blown sneezy, drippy cold, I'm way behind on commitments, there are dishes in the sink and I have 50 lbs. to lose before Hawaii (8 weeks)! It has to be one of the following three things:.  
My new salt crystal lamp
Chuck think it's ugly, Pretz thinks it's a rock.
I believe the label that was on it that said
it would release happiness ions into the air.

This extra sweet valentine
I had to go to the post office to pick this up.
The clerk lady loved it almost as much as I do!
It could be
Pretzel Pony tail Princess skirt.


diane said...

I love it when you feel your blessings amidst the chaos.

Brandi said...

((((hugs)))) for the cold. I'm not feeling up to par myself today, but I've noticed that finding joy in the little and big things in my life makes me happy in my current state my baby trying to walk across the room zombie-style. :)

I love the lamp! I need one of those. The valentine is darling! Are those Gavin's feet? I love Pres' skirt too. My 3yo needs one of those!

I miss you!

Sheri_Beri said...

Cathy, I'm so happy you're blogging again! :) Love you!!!

diane said...

Hey Cathy, I forgot to tell you - the job is for the power company.

Sycamore Girl said...

i'm so glad you got the valentine! you were my inspiration for making them this year. much love floats your way- in a zippety-do-da sort of way!

alexandra jade said...

i love your sweet treasures and i love you

diane said...

I put up a pic of my piercing on my blog. Come look and let me know what you think. I love you!

Sarah said...

You should update your blog so I can blog-stalk you..haha