Friday, March 27, 2009

Peace, Love and Pearl Midwifery

There is something so magical about following the path as God illuminates it. Starting a practice of my own as I felt inspired, keeping my heart and mind open to my best way and embracing the women that were somehow led to me - well, it's just simply cool. My intention was to grow my practice organically. No website, phone book ad or brochures. When I step outside and look in, I am so pleased. I love my spaces. My home office and the new spot in Sugar House that I am sharing with Pearl's sister, Fern Midwifery. I feel peace in both places, the feeling that I want my clients to be bathed in. My systems are nearly complete, just a few more forms and documents to go. My first years taxes are done, my lab connection works and I now have an ultrasound tech that I love committed to seeing my mamas in my office! My fax machine really works. I've figured out the electronic birth cert filing thing (it really scared me as did requesting lab pick-ups). I've grieved and rejoiced with special women and give thanks for every experience. Here's my grateful list for the night ~

1. I love Briana and the way our dance has invented itself.

2. I love my helpers - Lindsay's vision and tech skills, Nat's flexibility when I get called out on Presley's night, Steen's listening ear when my heart's a little heavy, Jade's empathy for the 40 week bellies, Amy's counseling skills, my mom who holds my heart with unconditional tenderness and Amelia who inspires me.

3. Chuck. He has spent most of 2009's Friday nights alone and protects my sleeping space for the rest of the weekend. He paid for the accountant and the attorney so my foundation would be strong. He set his own doubts and concerns aside and encouraged me to fly.

4. Another Mason and sweet Baby Leo, both born under the most beautiful moons.

5. The MCU students. I love them. They are on a path that will demand so much, not only from them but from their families too. They receive my offerings and share their wisdom with me. "Each one teach one" is alive and well.


lovely lindsay said...

you are so pretty. pretty mama. pretty midwife. pretty words.
i love you. lin

Sarah said...

Thank you for updating! I am happy that your practice is going well and I am happy I was able to add to it.

Mama's Place said...

Beautiful post Cath...wish I lived closer to all of you. There is beauty all around. Love you♥

Ricki said...

I'm so happy about your Pearl and soooo happy for all the women who will have the opportunity to birth with you.

We are expecting a baby girl (found out this time) the beginning of August. I like my midwives here (group of 3), but they're not you. We love you!

Rememberwhen said...

I'm so proud of you, your doing it!