Monday, July 27, 2009

Uncle Michael

Gavin and Michael Gallivan Center April 2009
Michael Franti is sick! Really sick, at Cedar-Sinai Hospital. His appendix burst and his belly was full of infection by the time he got to surgery. He had a set back today, infection at the incision site. C'mon, Mike, your music is the sound of sunshine. From all of the Larson's, big and small:
We Got Love For You! Please get well soon! See ya at PTTP!


Pres8Jes said...

awe, presley and i were singing 'nobody right nobody wrong' to jack yesterday, it calmed his nerves.
uncle mike will be alright, but this recovery will be somethin else, it really will be awhile until he can jump around again.

heeeyy-does this post mean your van is headin to sanfran in sept? can we hitch a ride?

diane said...
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diane said...

Ooops! Sorry - didn't realize I was deleting.. Anyway that was a cute pic. Do you ever call him Uncle Mikey? :-)

{ alexandra*jade } said...

oh dearest cath. i think you need your photo with michael. love love.