Sunday, January 10, 2010

Looking forward

Tracy is definitely on my concert bucket list, right alongside Paul McCartney. How is it I have lived so long and never seen them??
Who is on your list?


lovely lindsay said...

simon + garfunkel: check!
rosie thomas
tracy chapman
indigo's in georgia
ryan adams
peter paul + mary: dang.
love, lin

Sycamore Girl said...

I found Tracy Chapman when I was just 13 and fell in love with her "protest" songs. The song you posted is actually my all time favorite song from her library. Great, great, great truthfully written song.
I'd LOVE to see her in concert!
Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday, too!

auntgigi said...

I would love to see the trio.... Emmylou, Linda, and Dolly. I wouldn't mind catching Emmylou and Linda in solo concerts (I'll pass on Dolly).

diane said...

Eli used to argue with me EVERY TIME we listened to Tracy Chapman that she is actually a boy. =)

mimi said...

*for sure tracy chapman...if she stops being a recluse
*the uncles one more time. i am lucky that i've seen all 4 of them together twice!
*wish i could get one more GOOD willie nelson show in. sundance 10 years ago was the best
*solo amy ray - at an intimate venue (did i say intimate...well i meant it) with a back stage pass
*indigos with lindsay in decatur
*the dead...w/jerry garcia...guess not

cat - don't you wanna see eddie vedder this year?

my fave tracy song is if you wait for me/the promise...i love her.

cathmom said...

yes, of course eddie vedder, xavier, uncle mike in my backyard and many others, i just feel urgency about tracy and paul, i've loved them for a long time

mimi said...

what's this bad-singing-cousin band you're concocting over on gina's blog???