Friday, December 25, 2009

. . .a few of my favorite things

jerry garcia, my favorite ornament
almost couldn't find him this year
always makes Christmas happy

something old, very old
this angel has been a part of Christmas
since forever ago
thanks for grounding me with rich traditions, mom

something new, sweet children's book
The Nativity by Julie Vivas
LOVE those slippers

the taste of Christmas morning
since we were 3 grownups this year,
i did it up grown up style
mmmmmmmm. . .

Steinbeck's The Pearl, my favorite book of all time
"If this story is a parable, perhaps everyone take his own meaning from it and reads his own life into it."
This edition was printed in 1947

i am so looking forward to this. lucky me!

a red beauty. LOVE that wooden snowflake tag.

my stock replenished. comfort.

i've been wishing and waiting for this.
i think i may have surprised some folks with O Susannah today.

i'm going to put on some happy concert clothes,
stick the matching DVD in and rock and roll with Paul Mac.
anyone want to come along?
looks like a good date to me.

Merry Christmas


mimi said...

me! me!
concert DVDs! Fred Meyer...where are you?
oh, hello jerry garcia ornament...i remember ordering him for you.
i will stop and buy "live at the roxy..." and we'll annoy people.
thanks for spending your happy new room with me..
love me

cathmom said...

what did we buy on that crazy spree? johnny cash, cat stevens, kenny loggins. more? you have an I.G. Bring it over. We can have a festival. Give it a name, mimi. new room is bringing the magic back. thanks.
my verification word is hotica.

mimi said...

i think we bought bob seger
just kidding...but did we?
i love that new room...a name? ok...working on it.

Joanna said...

Merry Christmas Cathy!!! Miss you, Love you and many Blessings to you. Joanna

Pres8Jes said...

im glad the candle and tea we picked for you made the post. this was a different holiday, but it was good, i'm glad we got to come for a christmas eve and hang out. i plan on seeing you tomorrow. sending good birth vibes to jodi

cathmom said...

Love and miss you Joanna. Thanks for the birth vibes Nat. Well received and very powerful. We have a baby girl. Thanks to all who held space in their hearts for Jodie. Going home to my safe space. I am so grateful, so lucky.

auntgigi said...

Hey! If you play "Oh Susanna" on the karma harma, I'll do my own version of clog dancing!!! We might have an act!! I'm bringing my clogs.

cathmom said...

G, Can you clog on skiis?

Anonymous said...
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diane said...

Wanna know what's funny? I was reading your blog and thought I was on Lindsay's. Wow. =)
Are you busy in August????