Monday, March 29, 2010

The Now

I loved every comment on Old Days and Now Days. Each one made me smile and reflect on my own old days and now days a little differently. I guess we do our best with whatever we have, live intentionally and press forward with hope that we are doing it right. As Jodie says:

In the now moments we are so unaware of the the threads of experience that wrap themselves around us thread by thread by thread. Until one day, we realize that we have become something entirely new, without even knowing it.

As long as I can gaze at the eternal sky and see every sunrise, every sunset, every evening and morning star, every moon and planet rising with wonderment and gratefulness as if it were the very first time, I know that all is well with my soul.

Thank you my friends.
Watch your mailboxes!



Valeri Crockett said...

J.D. got a job here in Salt Lake so we have moved back to West Jordan and purchased my in-laws home off 90th (hopefully,we'll get settled now. . .) Only 31 days until he graduates. . . but who's counting?!

Let me know if you do anymore get togethers again;)

I'll send the address to your inbox on facebook. Take Care!

auntgigi said...

I never responded to the old/new, because I couldn't find the line of separation. My brain was twisting, smiling, reminiscing, analyzing, and time-traveling in all directions.

I only was able to conclude.. it is the fortunate souls who can't decide. All is well.

jade said...

cant wait to see your face and hear about your adventure. sheesh catz.