Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I've been on the receiving end of some random acts of love.
I am grateful.
A few weeks ago, I found this vase on my door step.
Inside was a note that said "a blessing for your office".
I don't know who left it, but I felt the love.
It is blessing my office and reminding me that love matters.

Last week, I found this pretty little love bouquet on my porch.
It was left by one of my Summer of Baby Love sweeties, Daisy and her mama, Marilyn.
Thank you ladies so much. I'm sorry to have missed you but so happy for this gift.
I am remembering and loving the memory.

Thank you Lord for sending these instruments of thy peace to my doorstep.
They made a difference, made me smile.


diane said...

It's a reflection back to you of the blessing that you are to others. You bring magic, and so you receive magic.

vicky said...

What a happy day to receive such special surprises! You are loved!