Wednesday, June 16, 2010

what's so amazing
that keeps us stargazing. . .

I love Amy. She's a good dreamer. She gets my dreams, holds them carefully as her own. I get her dreams and believe they will come true. We have our dad to thank for the dreamer gene. What a gift! Thanks Dad! Some dreams are cherished, held tightly, never let go of. They can make all the difference. This I know.

Amy was here a few days ago. Our time together is always spontaneous, always good. Even when it goes off track, it is good. Even better off track. We get lost - a lot. We just say, "Oops, another adventure."

This day went like this:
Amy: If I had a house near Liberty Park. . .
Me: Wait up, wait up, wait up (said in my best Michael Franti voice), don't say it. Let's each make list of how it would be if we had little houses in the city.

So we made lists. They had to be contained on these little squares of papers. We filled the front, agreed that we could use the back too.

Amy's list
A house near Liberty park with a little patio, and I would brew my own tea in the sun . . .in a glass jar.
my kitchen would be old, but cool - with lots of windows and light - and an old kitchen aid mixer and a coffee press, and fresh flowers, and IG playing
and a pedestal, old school bath tub, with a stained glass window
and lots of pictures and posters of Neil Young.
and a cool pillow - a big one from Sundance in the middle of my front room.
Incense and sandalwood candles - a pretty shelf in bathroom for lit candles.
an Anthropologie cookie jar - always full.
closet with lots of skirts and Frye boots.
a garden. . .and lots of tomatoes
- and early mornings

My list
If I had a house near Liberty park
I would have old muslin curtains for closet doors
I would have a compost pile
I would have lots of colorful napkins, no paper towels
I'd have some old chairs with flowered print cushions on the front porch
There would be peace flags on the porch
The back patio would have strings of white Christmas lights year round
Kitchen has an old electric AM/FM radio
a couple of acoustic guitars in the living room
some harmonicas in the window sill
a War Is Not Healthy For Children poster in the window
a jar on the porch for sun tea, my own fruity blend
fire pit in backyard
old garden hose with a little sprinkler
a couple of rosebushes
a hammock between some trees
dandelion bouquets in mason jars
- and night skies



mimi said...

the dreamer gene...i'll take it.
i love our unplanned adventures the best.
and i love when we laugh so hard we can't breathe.
oh dear...
thank you for this reminder.
and for sharing the same-same with me.

rainbows...and what's on the other side...
love to you cat bangs.

ps..thanks for fixing my "typo"

diane said...

Have you noticed how much your handwriting looks the same?

I love your dreams. So happy and so you.

cathmom said...

I love when we are annoying.
I still love that giant Birkenstock billboard best, the one we slept under(I slept, you sang)with our "apartment". If we had bought the spendy parking pass we would have missed the whole thing. Cinnamon girl. . .Do you have the apartment blanket BTW?

vicky said...

I LOVE the Christmas lights on the patio! That would be my dream too! Your places sound lovely!