Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Having myself a merry little Christmas

I got a little sidetracked in the middle of a very busy day. (Imagine that!) I made a quick stop at the store for some extension cords and came back with this sweet little Christmas tree. Let me dissect "sidetrack".

1. Walk to side door of the store where the Christmas trees are.
2. Stop. Remember how you miss the smell of a real, fresh cut tree. Remember you were thinking of putting a little one up in your Pearl office.
3. Allow yourself to be drawn to those cute little firs.
4. Pick one.
5. Interrupt the nice store man who is sweeping up pine needles and ask him how to buy this tree.
6. Answer "yes" when he asks if it will be going in water soon and give him permission to saw a little off the trunk.
7. Take the tag he gave you inside the store to pay for it. Don't suppress the big smile you feel coming on.
8. Walk inside towards all the ornaments and lights.
9. Stop.
10. You'll need lights. A string of 100 clear tear drops. Perfect.
11. Pick ornaments. A box of red, a box of silver. A star for the top.
12. Respond to the clerk who asks if you need any help. "Oh, yes, where are the extension cords?" Remember to add one more to your original list. You have a new tree to light.
13. Arms full, get in line. Uh-oh, this is the slow line.
14. Wrestle with the thought that just occurred. No tree stand. Should you leave your spot and go find one? Answer: No.
15. Your phone is alerting you to a text received. Hands too full. Don't check now. Another text. The line is not moving. Be patient.
16. Now the phone is ringing. Maybe it's important. Hold your purse in your teeth. See who is calling. Jade. Oh, yeah. You left her and Carson in the car. Answer. Tell the truth. You got sidetracked.

Li'l Red Sleigh

Tree stand improv.
Red kitchen crock and rocks gathered from backyard.

The lights

The newly purchased red and silver ornaments aren't quite right.
These little red, glass stars are perfect.

All done.
Something old, Jerry Garcia ornament, gift from Amy back in Kennewick days.
Something new, silver glitter peace sign spotted by Lindsay yesterday at Foothill Village shop.

Oh Christmas tree. You feel my heart with gladness.


auntgigi said...

I love your little tree, with it's peace sign ornament. I love you for being a person who gets sidetracked. I think the greatest treasures are found during a sidetrack.

Kim said...

The kids and grandbabies are going to their "other" grandparents for the holidays, we have no plans to go anywhere and I'm on call so I was feeling rather Humbug-ish. But now that I've seen your delightful little tree I feel inspired to decorate.

Gee, Thanks Cathy!!

cathmom said...

Kim, I'm off call and was feeling sad about that! Christmas season birth are a midwife's gift. You are in for something beyond wonderful.

lovely lindsay said...

i love you, mom.

Steen said...

that tree on your car really makes me laugh.