Monday, December 20, 2010

how could the Father tell the world
of love and tenderness?

a newborn babe

newborn baby Charlie Grey and his great grandma

Amy, radiant, carrying new life, a baby boy!

There is a good part of every season, of every circumstance. I am aware of the peace gift that is mine this Christmas time. As I celebrate "off call" for the first time in at least 15 holiday seasons, I am also aware of the affirmation that has been mine for the last 15 years. Receiving babies, welcoming the new and valiant ones, especially when the symbols of the birth of Jesus Christ are all around is also a gift. I miss it. I'll never forget the mothers that labored with Silent Night in the background. I'll never forget the babies babies born under the lights of family Christmas trees. I will never forget the gratitude I felt in my heart and bones driving home from births in the middle of dark, snowy nights. Sometimes in silence, sometimes with my own Christmas music playing, always deeply reflective. I will always remember the stillness that welcomed me home, my own babies asleep and the reminder that washed over me, that I too, was chosen to bear and raise up valiant spirits.

what does the Father ask of us?
help others on their way.


Toners said...

What an amazing calling you have, and what an amazing woman you are to fulfill it so beautifully.

I have a Christmas-time baby myself, and your post made me cry. Can't believe she'll be 4 on Sunday!

Steen said...

this year you're spending christmas with the one little baby that you have left. ME!and i can't wait.