Saturday, February 26, 2011

morning song

Sometimes we try so hard to find ourselves. What defines us, where do we fit? I'm discovering that if we live authentically, the passing of years will illustrate beautifully who we are. Time is like the great sieve, straining out what we thought mattered and leaving only the true elements of what brings us joy.

It's like this. When you move in to a new place there is this time of flurry when you try to set up, decorate, create comfort and expression of personality. It turns out OK. As time passes, you discard the stuff that you gathered in a hurry and find yourself left with the things you chose intentionally and the things that found you naturally. You realize you are at last surrounded by what brings you joy, the things that make your corner of the world yours. It didn't happen in a flurry or under pressure to do it right.

I wish I could find a way to hang this Donovan on my wall.
Age 14. He mattered. He defined. He has not fallen through the refining sieve.

p.s. For lessons on how to live authentically, shadow an almost 3 year old boy and a 4 year old girl for awhile.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Kathy, for this post. Really needed to hear that today. Authenticity can't be forced... it has to be lived.

Time to let go and just live.

auntgigi said...

How did I know he was going to sing "Color" ?!? I started humming it before the song started. Then I saw "Shindig" and I smiled. I still like the word, shindig.

Such a grand post. Profound and full of strong thought, but simple truths. So much straining going on. Love it that you rest solid in my sieve.

jade said...

through everything holding us back yesterday, i'm so glad we made it to that piece of church yesterday. and i'm missing you today because, you're my best friend and i want to hang out! hahaha oh mom

Steen said...

I am lucky to have been raised by you. Taught how to be authentic and original and your true self. I know WHO I am because of you. You're a great lady. Thanks for teaching me how to keep it real.