Wednesday, March 2, 2011


9 more days. . .

Not much left to do.

Bought a flip video camera and an Acer Netbook. If there is internet, and I think there will be at the health post, I'll send a daily blog post.

Made the cursory trip to REI and invested generously to my 2012 REI Dividend.

Nat completed her immunizations yesterday.

Phone consult tonight for me with WWHI proposal writer, place one last midwife kit supply order and I'm done.

Next week will be crazy busy with NRP re-cert, MCU Conference and prenatals.

Oh yeah, and mid-terms. Don't fail me now my brain. I'm sure I will need a baby-sitter next Monday afternoon. Anybody?

Oh, and I'm trying to find those magic slate toy things. You know with the gray filmy cover and the red plastic stylus. I need 30 if anyone knows where I can find them.

I can start packing now. I can barely breathe. I just want to get there.

p.s. I get a full African moon on my last night. Is that not icing on the cake?



jade said...

I will baby sit you, if that's what you mean. I'm thinking of your trip too, and counting down in my head. It's really coming! I'm kind of excited for you guys! I'll find you some of those slate drawing things with my internet searching skill.

auntgigi said...

I'm so excited, I can hardly breathe. Walking the walk. You are livin' it.