Monday, May 23, 2011

pockets full of sand

Lindsay called. She's loving PP&M today.
She said: Mom, text Briana. Tell her to go find Mary Travers.
Great idea.

Jet planes and leaving and goodbyes and other worlds
Sending off or flying out
I wonder which is harder

So I best be on my way, in the early morning rain. . .


lovely lindsay said...

almost drove to hastings this morning after dropping off lucas. needed to get PP+Mommy, too. right that second. then i remembered that both charlie + gavin weren't wearing pants. so we came home and flipped on pandora instead.
it's always so magical when my pandora station is being run by the heavens.
love, lindsay

Anonymous said...

As I was driving home at 4am in the early morning rain, my Pandora was being run by the heavens. It was dreamy good.