Sunday, May 22, 2011

playing house

A baby girl was born yesterday.
In a cabin.
In the mountains.
In Utah.

from my journal. . .
a mother is about to be born. K, young, doing this for the first time, is all about beauty and power. her baby girl is getting closer. i picture little H, perched like a pixie in another realm waiting for her moment to slide into this cabin cozy world. her daddy has her first pair of skis ready. yeah, that's how i see her. like a little skier in the gate waiting for the "go" sign. the fireplace is gently warming the room and somewhere norah jones is singing. an aunt stands above in the loft snapping us up with the nikon. M is whispering all the right thoughts in his lovely's ear.
sarah and i hold the space as good midwives do, knowing that very soon even more power will rock this young woman to her core.
i miss briana. our last work day together was here. she in red boots, me in old birks. M shuttled us in by snowmobile.
i love sarah. we are here. together. a long way from home. a long way from where we started.
peace to you baby H.
we will catch you.

And then she was born. Her daddy brought her up out of the birthing water.
There was something about this one. So dreamy. So blissful.
Is it because this mom and this dad are not holding their fantasy life out for someday? He lights the fire. Now. She places the flowers. Now.
I'm gonna carry the magic of this one for a long time.
Now matters. Our memories and our future depend on how we live Now.
Lucky you Baby H. You are going to Live and Laugh and Love hard, Now.


jadE said...

exactly. love you mom!

Sycamore Girl said...

"Our House." Mmm. I am inspired to be more in the NOW. Thank you.

Tree Peeps said...

Oh! I'm glad to hear this cabin birth went as beautifully as it sounded like it would. How wonderful.

kaelee said...

Cathy, we love you. Thank You.

Amy S said...

Beautiful description. I got goosebumps with the "we will catch you." Thanks for writing, Cathy.