Monday, December 19, 2011

crazy ladies

Cathy and Gina

She lived on Vine St.
I lived on Lombardy Lane
We played. We twirled. We read. We wandered. We danced.
She had a little reel to reel tape recorder and we recorded ourselves over and over. It is a good thing, a very good thing that we did not have youtube. The only people that ever heard our tapes were us! We were a great audience though.  We laughed so hard. Greatest hits:
Catch a Falling Star
California Dreamin'
My Favorite Things
Mellow Yellow
Fay and Georgia (we made it up)

We love a good song bird still.
Take Brandi Carlile
We love her.  We think she is our daughter.
When Gina heard she was playing The Rio in Santa Cruz, well, it was a done deal. 
We suited up.  We showed up. Happy happy time! 
During "Turpentine" we harmonized. 
No reel to reel.  Just a contraband smart phone recording the joy.
I love my friend.
Growing older is simply growing better.


auntgigi said...

This was such a happy adventure. Santa Cruz was waiting for us, and I'm pretty sure has offered an open invitation. Next time we'll take a redwoods walk.

Hollywood said...

you two are one in a million. Well, I guess you're two in a million!

I'm learning Brandi C. song on my Uke!