Monday, December 19, 2011

a shout out

On the corner of 18th St. and Guerra in The Mission District there is a bakery.
It is not an ordinary bakery.
It is Tartine.
Briana knew this place, of course.
She owned their cookbook.
It took a wildly crazed taxi ride to get there.
It took tired feet, the BART train, running tired feet and a rickshaw to get back in time.
It was worth it.
I can't describe it, won't even try.
I'm not even eating sugar these days but left with a Coconut Tart, double Pain au Chocolat, shortbread and a most lovely piece of embossed gingerbread.  Yes, embossed and glazed.

Holding, gazing, sniffing and caressing this work of art was joyful.
Peace on Earth

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Anonymous said...

we make THE shortbread a lot. it's the best ever. looks like you are having fun. xoxo