Monday, February 6, 2012

Brrrrrr, cold day

There are many things in my head that I want to write about.
I feel like tightening my boundaries, letting a little structure into my usual randomness and welcoming some predictability in. On this very cold February morning I just feel like cleansing - everything, a big purge, mega delete.  Some things just clutter the landscape.
There are about a million pics in the iPhoto cache and half a million of them are blurry moon shots.  Why do we do that? Do we fear forgetting? I will not forget.
I think there are a couple million songs stored in CD cases, on iTunes, zip drives and a few cassettes and albums scattered around here.  At least a million of those songs I don't even like.  They just came with the good ones and I let them stay.
Then there are books, so many books.  Books are cool, libraries are great but really, some of them are so lame. How did they even get into print I wonder.
It goes on and on. Thoughts. Sometimes mine are repeats that I wish would stop. They are taking up limited brain space that I need. I want to get to the core of me.  What really matters.  What speaks to me.  What do I need, to you know, fulfill the measure of my creation?
I'd like to scoop up all of this office paper that someone else created because it mattered to them. Instead of crafting letters to insurance companies that I never wanted to engage with, I would prefer to send lovely cards and pretty packages to folks that I love.  Love so much.
That's it.  I'll do the crucial list items here, cleanse some things and then I will make valentines. That should skinny my brain down to love thoughts. And I will play music that I love, only music that I love as I go.

I love you.
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Jade said...

there you are miss Cath my friend. you look soooo pretty in this picture. thanks for being my friend. i need one alot of my times.