Monday, February 6, 2012

grateful time

Skinny legs and brand new ice skates!
I am so happy grateful for this! 
Pres dreamt of skating since she could first stand up. 
She started lessons on Saturday morning. 
We slipped away during the Super Bowl for a little ice time under the bright moon. 

Liz and Becki
There are no words in my grateful song expressive enough of my deep thanks for you.
You have carried me, loved the "moms" we serve and now this! 
Together we will welcome sweet little Stika babe.

I am grateful, so much, for my work. 
One week ago this pretty baby girl came in.
Thank you, thank you G family for trusting me once again to share this sacred space with you.
She attended a birth as my assistant.  
Just me, just Jade
Thanks for your courage and gentleness.
I think we rocked as a team.
Soon you will be able to go in the middle of the night and keep on.

I loooove good music and good friends to share it with.
I love Neil Young. 
AND I just had the most amazing good luck.  
I was thinking about a Neil Young song as I wrote my last post.  The one about writing to old love friends but I couldn't remember all of it. And THEN it just right now came on XM Coffeehouse. This is one big giant Grateful!


Jade said...

I like liz and becky too. and Presley's ice skating marching legs. Love this

Lovely Lindsay said...

You should blog.