Wednesday, March 5, 2008

For Lovely Lindsay

I can't believe I am doing this. Today was a great day of teaching MCU students and I'm feeling pretty good about myself. I may delete when I come to my senses. So. . . 5 things I like about myself. It's not so easy when your an ol' lady!
1. I like my hair. I can do about anything I want with it, wavy or straight. It's thick but not too unruly.
2. My eyelashes. They used to be thicker and longer, I'm pretty sure anyway, but a little mascara and we're good.
3. My strong hands. They look like my dad's hands, a bit on the stubby side but I think my soul manifests through my hands.
4. My pancreas. I made it really sick and I'm sorry about that. It's still sputtering and so I'm taking this opportunity to publicly say "I appreciate your patience and beg you to stay."
5. I really like my Mission Playground sweatshirt. It says "Patience Achieves More Than Force". Nice little mantra. Thanks Linny Baby for the nudge to look for the good part. I didn't expect this to quite so emotional.


lovely lindsay said...

wowza! you look so cute!
it's making me a little homesick. awh. thank you for playing my game and thank you for the pretty parts of me that belong to you, too. thank you for my rental space.
love, lindsay

Mama's Place said...

You are a lovely lady Cathy, and you were much braver than I. What I love about you is your hands and your beautiful eyes. Thanks for sharing your beautiful self with us.♥

mag said...

it made me sad to see you.... I haven't seen you for so long, you look good and you do have your dad's way of understanding and being patient , I love you , mom

Steen said...

i think every persons hands in our family can tell you an entire story just by looking at them. we're lucky to have a family of such soulful hands.

mimi said...

oh cat, you look so pretty. i LOVE that you are my sister. everyone should be so lucky as me.....

thanks for bringing out the good in me.
*ha ha - i just had to change the word "good" from "goon"...little typo....i should have left it that way!