Thursday, April 3, 2008

joy in the morning

My grandson was born in the wee hours, Sunday morning, March 30, 2008.
Your name is Elias.
Elias River Larson, named after the place where you were born on the mighty Columbia River.
There was a moment during Amelia's labor when time stood still and quiet for me. I realized what a gift, a blessing beyond description it was to be present in such sacred space. A new little soul was preparing to leave that place where all is light. He would be received in peace by a mother and a father well prepared to love and teach him in this world half day and half night. I gave silent thanks. The trials and challenges of my life paled with the realization of a great blessing; my son and his wife were worthy of the task of raising up a most valiant child. Amelia is a stong, amazing woman - a birth warrior as great as any I have ever known. Jeff is a strong, amazing man - worthy to carry the birth warrior high on his shoulders, triumphant. This was not an easy birthing. They worked hard and I felt them draw strength from each other. As a midwife, I celebrate women with my every breath. Being present with my son at his child's birth gave me a deeper sensitivity to the courage and faith that it takes for a dad to be "with woman". Jeff is truly strong enough to be gentle. I love Jeff and Amelia and their example of great strength and great tenderness. This birth experience will fill my soul with gratitude and goodness for the rest of my days.

My heart just grew a little bigger. There wasn't room enough before to hold all of the joy that these babies bring to me.

Papa Jeff said to Gabriel, "You have a really big job, don't you. You have to be a good example to your brothers." Gabriel stood a little taller. He said, "I am just so excited about this new baby!"

Lead us, guide us, little one.


Kagahn said...
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Mama's Place said...

That is a beautiful post, cute kids. I'm glad you were there to share that experience, you are indeed a lucky mama.

Maren is still waiting, she is so uncomfortable.

Hugs to your family

alexandra-jade said...

He really was a sweet little guy.
and yeah, I wish I were like Jeff and Amelia...

lovely lindsay said...

jeff IS strong enough to be gentle. a beautiful family. we are lucky that there are and will be so many larson boy to take good care of us silly girls.
welcome little elias river. i love you so, already!

maiasong said...

What a wonderful, rich post. Your family is so blessed to have you as their mom and their midwife.
I miss you so.
Welcome to Elias River!

alexandra said...

what a beautiful and inspiring blog. your children and grandchildren are lucky to have you, and anyone that has you as their midwife, you sound amazing.
i will always remember the midwives that were present for both my babies births. wonderful, strong inspiring women. LOVE!

BirthLady said...

The Midwife

Her hands, sturdy yet gentle,
Guiding both woman and child
Through their journey

Her back, strong and flexible
Bearing the great responsibility
She carries with every birth

Her heart is open and loving
Caring for every family
That she touches.

She is wise and intuitive
She trusts the woman,
She trusts the process
She is a Midwife!

By. J. Mello