Tuesday, April 29, 2008

For Katia

Last summer Katia was here working as an Apprentice Midwife. We had some amazing experiences together. She taught me many things about babies, bellies, mamas, papas, life and Michael Franti. We met at Gallivan Center one hot summer night and experienced his great, soulful music. I felt so sad when her time here came to an end. Once again we caught Franti in concert at The Capitol Theater performing for a U of U benefit, Raise the Roof for Diversity. This was the last song, "Say Hey, I'll Be Gone Today". I felt tears welling up knowing that my friend, my sister, Katia would be leaving directly after the concert for her home in Costa Rica. I took some comfort in the next line of the song, But I'll be back come around the way. . .I knew I would see her again. If not here in Salt Lake City, then I would have to go to Costa Rica. Kindred spirits just don't drop in on your life everyday. A recent e-mail from her gave a glimmer of hope - she might come for an MCU conference in June. I wish I had someone due then. Tamra, can you hold off that long??? Anyway Katia, this song is for you. Dance away. Share it with your babies. My little friends call it "Hey Ma" and we dance our hearts out daily, pointing to each other with "I Love You, I Love you, I LOVE YOU!"


mimi said...

funny how we also love your friend katia and we've never met her. good souls are great...love when they drop into your lives. love it.
you should have seen reno and luc dancing and grinning with their mamas last night watching this clip. i do think they were looking for a little pretzel, though.
i love you, fifi.

mimi said...

ps - get your buns over to costa rica

lovely lindsay said...

hey ma!
i'm feeling some serious concert withdrawls. it's hurting me!
something i've always loved about you: seeing what's true in people. looking passed what right in front of you and really loving people for who they are. {not that katia is gorgeous on the outside too.) i love your soul-friends.
love, lindsay

Pres&Jes said...

ey mama ey mama take off yo shoes!
i really really so bad want you to take me to costa rica, its in my dreams.
i love you caiti, thanks for sharing katia with me and michael too!, I think Presley wants him to be her dad.

C&H Martineau said...

I remember Katia coming to a few of my visits when i was still meeting with Suzanne. I really really liked her. I loved her dreads, her hairy legs, her peaceful energy. I was actually sort of let down when I found out she would not be attending my birth. Thats when I called you. And I knew it was right becuase I got the same feeling from you...minus the hairy legs. I think. :)

Tamra said...

Ack no way! LOL tell her to come early! I would adore it if Katia were at my birth.

Katie said...

Katia was the highlight of my birth! I ♥ her. Does she have a blog?

cathmom said...

I don't think she has a blog. She will be here in a couple of weeks and staying at my house. Shall I have a Welcome Katia celebration?

Katie said...

That would be fun, though I won't guarantee I'll come ;-) I'm very much a homebody, hence the homebirth, tee hee. If you do it, email me - katiedoyle at byu.net