Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lovely Lindsay

In 6 more hours she will be here! I can't wait!
A few years ago, the Stoyan three spent some time in this nest. Their housemates were plenty: a mom, a dad, 3 teen sisters, 1 itty bitty Pretzel, 2 dogs and 2 cats and we all slept upstairs!
Sometimes if we were paying attention, we noticed peace amidst the chaos.
That December was one of those gifts of peace in our lives.
Lindsay and I bundled up and escaped one day to 9th and 9th.
Peppermint hot chocolate, scarves and mittens, ribboned boxes from Children's Hour, snowflakes falling. . .we knew we were in the middle of magic that day. One night we set up a little art corner and created our "first annual" mama and her girl Christmas card project. Did we know what we were starting that night?

Last year we knew we had to make the "second annual" happen. Lindsay and her belly full of baby boy flew home. It was every bit as wonderful as we knew it would be. We added a crazy adventure to some antique stores that we'll never forget, bought some big brother a Holga camera after browsing the Holga gallery, fell in love with oatmeal brulee at Eggs in the City, as well as the pilgrimage to 9th and 9th and the Christmas card project. I feel a song in process here - "On the 3rd year of Christmas. . ." We will go to 9th and 9th with or without scarves and mittens (no snow yet!), and we have already begun gathering for the Christmas cards and yes, we will breakfast at Eggs in the City. We are adding The Beehive Bazaar, tonight, 9 to midnight, a Mama Gathering on Saturday morning and birthday dinner for Jade on Sunday. What else Sinny? Park Cafe, Gateway, Temple Square lights, Ikea, date night with Pres, at least a dozen possible favorite "comfort" dinners at home, movies on the green couch, hang out time with little sisters, time with Amy and ??, Santa pictures with Gavi and the best music always.

Your nest is ready baby girl. What a gift you are to me! I love that you know how to embrace the good part and savor it. Another chapter is bursting to be written. I cannot wait!

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lovely lindsay said...

celebrate me home! i'm on my way. gavin is napping and i'm bundling lucas up for his adventure next door. can't wait to be in your space and start this season right. love you! lin