Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Little Jackie Paper

#9, my littlest little, Jack Timothy
Jade carried this bundle into my office yesterday and said
"Look at this sweet boy."
I paused, really paused to look at Jack.

Jack, it will be your birthday soon. How can that be? In my memory, you are still a little 5 1/2 pound bit of wrinkly skin and bones. You are so good that it is easy to let the squeakier wheels take the attention. Let's make a pact, me and you Jackie. If only for 5 minutes each time you are here, let's just BE. I will hold you, rock you, read, dance, sing with you or just watch you grow, right before my eyes.
Thank you, thank you for radiating your sweetness.
Blessings Baby Boy,



Pres8Jes said...

he is such a sweet boy. jack is so blessed to have the many people who have so much love for him.

Sycamore Girl said...

Did I tell you that if Natalie was going to be a boy his name was going to be Timothy Jack? How strange.
He is beautiful and looks oh so grounded.

diane said...

He is so cute. =)

lovely lindsay said...

can't wait to know this little guy some more. maybe he'll share some of his goodness with gavin - yea, that would be nice.
love, lin

auntgigi said...

Beautiful Jack looks like we all want to feel. I love his lips, eyes, the color of his hair, and the rose in his cheeks.

That picture is relaxing to look at. Truly precious.

Lindsay, I want to see Gavin.

Mama's Place said...

Don't you just love these grand babies. My joy is in them. He is adorable.