Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the rude boy's back in town

That's right! On Friday Michael and Spearhead will be back in SLC playing at the U!
I'm still enjoying a post road trip something or other and am going to take my vacation mode self to this show! I know the calendar says spring has been here for a month already. It's still so cold and rainy though. I'm hoping this show brings springtime to town and will mark the beginning of an exciting season. I'm feeling jumpy and dance happy. Can hardly wait. I've got some great Franti fans as dates, girls that know how to do a concert. We will miss Sinny and Gina. Someday, someday. . .

Meanwhile, let's dream of the perfect show. I'm thinking IG and Franti live in the Redwoods. We can camp close by. Y'all fill in the details. I've nearly worn my fantasy head out.

Well, well, look what the UPS man just handed me!
If you want to come check it out with me, feel free.
Upstairs to my cozy cove I go.

p.s. to Holly M. Tickets are free to U students. Meet us there!

that's the sound of sunshine going down
so the moon can shine on me
so the moon can shine on you



Sycamore Girl said...

I've seen the posters for this and am seriously considering it...

diane said...

I love the way you turn your fantasies into real-life adventures.
Have fun at the concert. I hope you post about it.

auntgigi said...

I'll continue with the Franti/Redwoods fantasy. My brain is seeing a pre-show circle of women, small among the redwoods. A spirit circle, our own spirits taking time to soak in the energy flowing out from the mother trees.

After we're fully charged, we listen to Michael's happy music, light in heart, and full in spirit. Our dances are drifty and floaty.

Yep... I see it.

notice Sycamore Girl's post time.. :-)

mimi said...

...i can feel it. better remember to bring jumpin shoes.

reno wants to know how michael and amy and emily met each other.
the ultimate concert involves these friends:
sinny, gina....uncles graham, david, stephen, neil and michael...and amy and emily...and brandi...and some yoga....and sting. and guy in the cowboy hat.

happy dance for no more john mayer/michael tour! AND
i steal guitar picks.

Kim said...

You're the one who turned me onto Franti at a MCU Conference a couple of years ago. I've loved him ever since. I saw him at the Jazz & Heritage Festival in New Orleans last year and was so starstruck; I was speechless. I wish I would have known about tonight!! I'd have loved to have joined you. Have a wonderfully fabulous time.

Candice said...

i am a lover!! the concert was so amazing. i stood right next to him and i wish you were there with me. im glad i saw you before :) i want to come to your house soon

Pres8Jes said...

hey rude boy!
so much fun.
glad us ladies got to go out.
see him in PC this summm