Tuesday, April 20, 2010

something to smile about

Xavier Rudd has a new CD out today.
Don't even spend time sampling, thinking about it.
Buy it now. Buy all of it. It will make you happy.
The first listen was an immediate bonding.
I love when that happens.

I am wishing that I lived on a mountaintop in Costa Rica.
I would dance the Brazilian Capoeira, my dreads flying.
I would do my woman work as my sun drenched babies played.
I would trek to the water when my soul was thirsty.
I would feed my man from the fruits of our land.
I would calm and chill under the stars at night.
Yes, I am wishing.
I would.

Thanks Xavier, for tripping my fantasy switch this sunny Tuesday morning..


diane said...

I want to go to Costa Rica, too. Take me with you...

cathmom said...

Yes, Diane, you can come too. Our shared Latin roots, hippie souls, Lamanite spirits, and our earth mama tribe. . .
We could catch babies together, you would cook using whatever was available and I would do something useful. Something.

Steen said...

i'll be over soon to add that Xavier to my pod.

Pres8Jes said...

ditto, xavier to my pod. he seriously brightens my soul by 100times when i hear his tunes!
thanks for meeting us at the park today, it was great to see your faces. i still have a secret dream to voyage to costa rica and have a huge garden for workin.
but for now its mac n sauce time... i cant wait for friday, it will be great to see michael without john mayer.....wooooooooooo!

Sycamore Girl said...

I'd like to see you with dreads!

lovely lindsay said...

new josh ritter coming soon.
new natalie merchant noon.
it's music season.
love this. love this!
love, lin