Friday, May 7, 2010

Happiest Mother's Day

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.
3 John 1:4

With each baby born into this family, Mother's day becomes more and more joyous. Those years of training up the child are bearing fruit at long last. I am grateful beyond words for the blessing of being a mother; for the five spirited souls that were entrusted to my inexperienced watch care. They have led me and guided me.
To you, my babies now grown, with spirited little souls of your own to train up,
I have this to share:

These days will pass in a flash.
On those endless, bone weary nights when you are rocking a little one singing "I Am a Child of God" for the millionth time, wondering if it matters, it does.
When you get a ticket on the way to church because 2 or 3 kids are struggling, unbelted in the front seat, trying to get their shoes on the right feet and the flashing lights follow you into the parking lot, don't turn around.
When you realize that you are spending 90% of sacrament meeting in the foyer with a squirmy toddler, keep going.
Keep sharing your gifts, your passions, your light and believe.

I look forward to the festivities tomorrow.
I'll start my day early, jumping in Li'l Red to surprise my mom at church in Wyoming. I'll hurry home for a BBQ with the Utah families and to open the packages that have arrived from the Washington kids.
As much as I look forward to all of it, nothing gives me as much deep joy as watching you love your little ones.

I'm sharing the following words written by Lindsay.
This is testament to me that my daughter knows.
She knows what matters most.
This is what makes me grateful to be a mom.

From Lindsay:
"Lucas, my biggest boy was heartbroken tonight when his dad took off on a fishing trip without him. In one of my craziest mothering moments – I decided that it couldn’t be that hard – and that I could take my boys fishing myself. I loaded up the car with boys + a fishing pole and we headed to the pond. I was terrified the entire drive over. The bait, cast + wait part I could handle. But what if Luc actually caught a silly fish??? Then what?! And he was really good, too. His casts were going far. I was getting nervous.
Luckily for me after 15 minutes or so on the bank - the playground on the other side of the pond seemed waaaaaay more enticing. The sun was going down but I told him we could spend a few minutes climbing on the toys. Right away he made a friend. I heard him ask a little boy in checkered converse– just like him – if he could play.
The new friend only spoke Spanish.
Except for “yes, friend!”
I overheard Luc ask him once what his name was. He didn’t really answer and my silly boy continued to call his new friend “Sir” whenever he needed to get his attention. They were inseparable until I had to convince Lucas that it really was time to go – that the sun really had gone down for the night.


I am the mother of boys. Lucas Jude and Gavin West. Two wild, crazy, LOUD!, messy, smelly, sweet, adorable boys.


Danyelle asked me the other day if I would be willing to write a little something for My Favorite Things about my “Favorite Mothering Moment.” After finally getting said wild and crazy boys to bed last night – I laid down in my own bed, exhausted - to think of what exactly I was going to write. Then came the lump in my throat when I realized that the day had not been one of my finest mothering days. For most of it I’d been trying to get things done around them.
There was a lot of - sit down! Hold still! and SHHHHHHHH!
I recognized that they had not actually spent the day interrupting me – I, however, had spent the entire day interrupting them.
That my all time favorite mothering moments had happened while letting my children - be children.


Tonight as I pushed Gavin, my littlest boy – laughing in the baby swing – fishing pole stashed back in the car – I kept the corner of my eye on Lucas.
Watching him silently play with his new friend, “Sir.”
Running, jumping, climbing, digging – and laughing.
My mama heart smiled at this moment of happiness and marked this day as one of my favorites.
My boys."

turn around you're a young mom with babes of your own

Jeff, Lindsay, Natalie, Christine and Jade,
You fill my heart to bursting as I ponder the gift of being your mom.
I Love You


diane said...

You are a blessed woman. And your family is lucky to have you leading them.
Lindsay's words are perfect. They remind me of who am I supposed to be.

auntgigi said...

joyful mother. Your family is very mother-centered, mother-strong. Generations of honest mothering. I can feel my heart beating with love when I read your post. I'm so moved with emotion.

lovely lindsay said...

love you mommy.
wish i was close. the sun is shining and i'm missing the bar-b-q. hope they celebrate you good. love, lin

Mama's Place said...

A beautiful post by a beautiful woman...Love you Cat!

auntgigi said...

One more thing - Lucas calling his new little friend "Sir". THAT sent me into stitches!! I loved that part of the story sooooo much!

jade said...

you're sweet mom. and you are the best mama example to me. i love you soooooooooooo much!

Briana said...

You are blessed indeed. Thank you for being a mother to so many more than just your own.

Steen said...

Where's your pictures of me?
Your childless daughter