Tuesday, May 11, 2010

midwife love

The Stoyan's are coming... 3 more sleeps. That's how the kids count down. We can't wait!
I found this while searching for some birth class documents. Lindsay must have written it when they lived here with Baby Lucas almost 4 years ago. As we prepare for the ultrasound next week of Stoyan baby #3, I am amazed at how fast time flies, how much we learn and how richly we have been blessed. I am also preparing myself for a busy season of births. Supplies have been stocked, checklists nearly completed, I'm going to bed earlier and simply "settling in". This writing, an observation by my daughter, means a lot to me. It's nice to be reminded that the work that I love matters. Yes, Love Matters.

"my own momma is a midwife. she leaves in the middle of the night and sometimes comes home days later. she listens to heart beats, measures bellies, holds hands, and just plain listens to her "ladies". i've always admired that she's found her true passion and is so good at what she does. i was so thankful to have her so close to my own heart/life/belly when i was pregnant with lucas. i knew very early on that i was capable of birthing my babe. the empowerment she instilled in me and my sweet andrey saved my life when our homebirth went a bit (a big bit) off track. it's healed my heartache at the fact that things didn't go as "planned." and that i'm not sure how they'll go the next time around.
i went to a prenatal with her a few weeks ago and met sweet sarah. sweet beautiful sarah. belly full of baby. her home was so dreamy. everything i could ever wish for. her baby was on it's way. i listened to my mom tell her anxious mama bird heart "any day now." i watched at home as my mom gathered up her supplies, went to bed early so she'd be well rested, checked on sarah daily, and prepared her spirit to help guide miss sarah through her babes birth story. i woke up a few days back and the house was still and quiet and mom's car was gone. i sent every bit of birth energy i had out into the world and hoped it made its way to sarah's pretty little birth space. desmond grey was born that morning. every perfect tiny inch of her."

I picked Tamra up at midnight enroute to this birth. She did an amazing job capturing this beautiful story with her camera. Soon I will be present at Tamra's birth, my third with her.
I also love this birth for the memory of having Katia with me. It was the first time I called her to assist and the beginning of a rich summer together.
Thank you sweet Lindsay for another record of this experience. Before we know it, we'll be gathered in your home as a new birth story unfolds. I am honored to be your midwife and proud to be your mama.

The seasons, they go 'round and 'round


diane said...

I love that picture of you. I love that Stoyan baby #3 is coming. I love that I get to witness some of the Larson love next week. I love that I have the extreme privilege of being attended by you this summer.
You bring magic everywhere you go, to everyone you touch.

lovely lindsay said...

the stoyan's are coming! the stoyan's are coming! today is laundry day. tomorrow is packing day.
you are magic. midwife magic.
love you, lin

auntgigi said...

Enjoy your Stoyan weekend! I love when families get all crowded up in one space, and everyone starts feeding on the same energy. It feels so good, so safe, so right! Happy times!!

Give my little Gavin friend a squeeze for me.