Thursday, May 27, 2010


Summer solstice is only weeks away. On a quiet afternoon, one year ago, I was sitting in my living room thinking. Just thinking. I had no idea what was ahead of me, only what was behind me. The Summer of Baby Love was ramping up, my mom's 70th birthday celebration was in the works and my best friend ever, Gina would be arriving in a few weeks. I opened my laptop and let The Beatles distract me. I think I listened to In My Life.
The unknowns ahead of me were on my mind. So many babies, so much to do. I chose to open my heart to whatever I needed to learn, to trust fully and to love deeply. The babies started coming, The Birthday was wonderful and Gina and I resumed best girlfriend behavior.
It has been a good year, an amazing year. I'm ready to go again. All that is asked of me is to stand ready and embrace the experiences that are gifted to me.
Here are some places that my path took me, some things and people that I love. No particular order. Just random things that filled me in the past year.
Thank you life for such goodness. I'm looking forward to more. Here, There and Everywhere. . .

At Blackwelder's, Laguna Niguel

Strong and gentle hand

Big Sur


Solo road trip

The "stuff" for moonlight hiking on Mt. Timp


November moon

My house

MANA Conference

My sisters, Mt. View, WY

Student Midwives, MCU Fall Conference

Sleeping whenever, wherever possible


Blue Moon, New Year's Eve


Jeff and Jade


auntgigi said...

Girlfriends. 10 years old/53 years old.. it's all the same. I love these pics, especially the Three Sisters.

diane said...

What a beautiful year.