Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Arizona, so far. . .

We drove thru the night last week to Phoenix. It was a beautiful drive, meteor showers, a sunrise and extreme temperatures. At one point on the pass in Utah it was 32 degrees. Enter Phoenix at noon, 113! This is Li'l Red's first road trip and she is loving it.
We are here to attend my beautiful cousin Diane's birth. With all of the anticipation and excitement of the upcoming birth, I feel the need to pause and give thanks for all of the unexpected goodness that has filled me so far. So how 'bout an AZ Grateful list?

1. Cousins. Simply that. Cousins. Mine are smart and funny and can throw a great family party.
It's comforting to feel completely at home here, observing the generations, sharing meals, prayers and family love.

2. Women. Universally wonderful. Ramona, Wendy and Sarah, midwives here, Miss Briana, Mom and Auntie, and all of you that are far away but sending your support, Lin, Nat, Steen, Jade, Amelia, Amy, Gina and my midwife "moms". Our women ancestors have been very close, too, especially Grandma T. I feel you all, Diane feels you. Our circle is strong.

3. Mesa Temple. Sweet peace. Perfect preparation for the work ahead and as always a reminder of what matters most.

4. Latin flavor! The food, the music, the colors, the connection. . .Mmmmm

5. Uncle Jack. He has been making me laugh since he married my auntie 45 years ago. He is funny, smart, talented, spiritual and generous. He sees the good part. Aaaaand, he has great stuff, guitars, car pics and an art room. He designed and made a mermaid flipper for Li'l Red's bootie. When I pulled the decal backing off and saw the finished product, I jumped and squealed like an 8 year old. He smiled.


lovely lindsay said...

oh my! why didn't we think that before? uncle jack - lil' red - mermaid flipper! hahaha. awesome.
so jealous of the girl circle there. hopefully diane finds some happy mail in her mailbox today.
love, lin

auntgigi said...

I LOVE the mermaid flippers. PERFECT!!! I'm so sad I'm not there in body. My heart is there with all of you women, swirling spirit of female wonder.

(has anyone tried clicking on the handicap sign to have the word verification read aloud? It's crazy!)

diane said...

We are so lucky to have you here right now. SO blessed.

I love your mermaid tail.

(p.s. to Gina - I clicked on it and heard all kinds of weird chanting. And someone saying numbers. ???)

Sycamore Girl said...

That handicap option = poltergeist!

Cathy, I just found your Christmas gift. you're gonna LOVE it! ;)