Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a little bitter, mostly sweet

Something happened. A transition. It's not like I stepped over a line, it just happened.
Today was my last postpartum appointment with Holly. Someone asked where I was going. I answered, "To see my friend Holly." Before this transition, I would have answered, "I have an appointment with one of my moms." And so it goes. Comes a time when the women in my care become more than clients. Our lives intertwine, we share light, we become sisters, we are friends. I recall advice received at my very first intro to birth work, doula training 14 years ago. It was this: Set boundaries. This is a job. Remain objective. Cut your clients off at the last visit. Move on. Avoid burnout. Are you kidding me?? This is not a job. There is no place for boundaries. I will extend my relationships with the incredible women in my life circle to forever and beyond. I'll run hard and love deep. When I burn out, someone is always right there to light me back up. Last night it was Jeniann. Mmm. . .thank you birth gods for her and Baby Joseph. My time with Holly and babes felt like a celebration more than a goodbye. As I walked to my car, yes, I teared up a little; a mix of gratitude, admiration and sadness. Another childbearing year closing but a true birth warrior has risen up. Thank you for taking such good care of me Miss Holly. I have fresh from the oven bread and a jar of special for me body scrub flavored patchouli lemon and a forever friend. I am one lucky midwife!


diane said...

Whomever gave you that advice should not be involved in the birth world. Women need that love and connection. It is essential to who we are. That is why every woman that meets you is so lucky - they get what their soul needs. Thank you for being brave enough to love and serve they way you do.

Toners said...

I am truly lucky to know Briana and yourself. You both could never just "cut off" a mom after the baby is born. You are like guides through one of the most spiritual and wonderful journeys in a woman's life!

The universe will always make sure you have what you need to be whole and happy, because you do such deeply spiritual work!

Sycamore Girl said...

Many women would be without so much if you "cut them off". You are forever a part of my own transformation and growth. I'll have to share with you in a different forum my feelings as you left on Tuesday. Also bitter sweet.
Be safe in your adventures and I'll see you around soul sister! Much love to you.

Kim said...

You're so awesome, Cathy!!!

auntgigi said...

It is the web of connectedness that makes us happy souls in this universe! To cut a tie, that was woven with love, trust, spiritual journey, and life, would be a loss to your loving life web. Girlfriend, you're my favorite spider!!! :-)